Easy Christmas Punch (Cranberry Orange Punch)


Festive looking and yummy tasting, this Easy Christmas Punch will be your go to this holiday season. This is such a fun punch to serve at your next gathering, and it’s for everyone young or old. So need to worry about keeping it away from the littles. Everyone can raise a glass with holiday cheer this season.

A festive drink makes any gathering just a little brighter and that much more special. Try The Best Homemade Root Beer, Sparkling Pomegranate Lemonade or Classic Eggnog for other fun options.

Christmas punch with cranberries and orange slices.

Non-Alcoholic Christmas Punch

I love this punch for so many reasons. It is truly super easy, and the flavor is so cheery and it looks so joyful. It’s the perfect addition to any party, family gathering or just because. The fizziness is the perfect amount to tingle the taste buds and clean the palate. Cranberry juice and orange juice are a perfect marriage in sweet, tart and the holidays.

You can mix the juices ahead of time and add the fizz right before serving. Or throw it all together right before you need it. I can often forget about the drink at our gatherings till the last minute so this is perfect for me. It tastes terrific and looks so pretty no one will guess I almost forgot about the drinks.

Cranberry Orange Punch

Just a few ingredients make this festive drink

  • Orange Juice: Already made from concentrate or bought.
  • Cranberry Juice: There lots of varieties,
  • Lemon Lime Soda: Lots of options here, use your favorite
  • Orange Slices and Cranberries: These are optional, but it’s what gives it, it’s stellar look

Combining Christmas Punch

  1. Combine: Combine the juices first mixing well.
  2. Mix: Add the soda right before serving and garnish as desired. Serve over ice.

Juice being poured into a glass punch bowl.

Variations and Tips

This really can’t get more easy or more delicious, but here are a few ideas.

  • Soda: To change it up try Ginger Ale, Sparkling Water, or Soda Water so as not to dilute the flavor. There are even flavored sparkling waters that make the cranberry or orange flavor stronger if you want.
  • Juice: There are several cocktail versions of cranberry juice, use whatever you prefer to drink. The 100% Cranberry juice will give you the best cranberry flavor. But make sure it’s not Cranberry Juice Cocktail, needs to be Cranberry Juice. I know it’s confusing.
  • Sherbert:  Want more of a Frappe punch add orange sherbert to the drink.
  • Pineapple: To add a little twist try adding pineapple juice instead of the orange.
  • Flavoring:  You can also add ½ tsp almond or vanilla flavoring for more flavor.
  • Stir:  Don’t stir once you’ve added the soda, it’ll deflate the carbonation.

Cranberries and orange slices flavor Christmas punch.

Serving Options

  • Bowl: Serving this in a clear bowl shows off the festive garnish and color. If you don’t have one, you can often find cheap ones at a thrift store, dollar store or walmart. Even a clear plastic one works.
  • Mason Jars:  Serve this class pint mason jars for rustic look
  • Top the Classes:  Color sugar red and dip the rim of the glasses in water first then the sugar for a festive look
  • Green:  Add a bit of green to the punch with rosemary or mint leaves or cut limes. They won’t impart much flavor but will give a festive color.
  • Glasses: Serve in clear plastic glasses too, so all can see the joyful colors.

Christmas punch in glasses.

More Delightful Drinks To Try

Sometimes all you need is a really good drink, try these for delicious flavor and satisfaction.

  • In a large punch bowl add the orange juice and cranberry juice. Add soda if using. Give it a good stir and garnish with orange slices and cranberries.


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Christmas punch collage.

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